Design Time


At configuration time, an integration expert (for example, an integration consultant) configures the integration scenario specified at design time for a specific system landscape to enable the scenario to run in this system landscape.The first configuration task is to identify, the “players” of the game at runtime – the systems that actually communicate with each other – and relate them to the corresponding process components. The following figure illustrates the relationship between the entities defined at design time (above, the communication of two process components including the entities introduced with figure 3) and those relevant at configuration time (below, for an exemplary system landscape). The different colors of the systems indicate the different technical characteristics the systems may be based on:


Figure 5: Relationship between design time and configuration time entities

Based on this assignment, an integration expert specifies further details at configuration time on how the messages are to be exchanged between the systems: x How the messages are routed by the integration broker from a sender system to one or multiple receiver systems x How the individual systems (each may be based on different technical characteristics) can be connected to the integration broker (connectivity and adapters) x Which security-relevant settings apply to the data exchange (for example, if messages are secured using digital signatures) The configuration time-relevant concepts and procedures are explained in detail in the chapter  Configuring Integration Content

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