What can I do with the Enterprise Services Repository?

What can I do with the Enterprise Services Repository?

The Enterprise Services Repository supports four key usage scenarios:

Service Provisioning - the Enterprise Services Repository provides unparalleled support for modeling services. Users can define all artifacts from Service Interfaces to individual Data Types and reuse artifacts at all levels.
The ES Repository is delivered with pre-defined Global Data types, basic building blocks created out of SAP's methodology, which provide a foundation for defining your services.

Process Visibility - in addition to service artifacts, ES Repository supports the definition of high-level models such as Process Component models and scenario models that help contextualize the services that are delivered. For instance, the Enterprise Services delivered by SAP are delivered with the high-level models that help a user drill down to services from a high level overview and perform extensive gap analysis.

Process Integration - ES Repository provides support for classical A2A and B2B integration scenarios. This includes support for defining message mapping and executable business processes in an interactive graphical modeling environment.

Consumption - the Services Registry provides support for publishing, discovering, and managing services. Users can search services using keyword search and based-on classification. The Services Registry is pre-delivered with industry classifications which can be used to classify services. In addition to this, users can extend the classification metamodel based on their needs.
Across all these scenarios, ES Repository provides support for Design Time Governance, Unified Lifecycle Management, and Support for widely-accepted standards.

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