SAP PI ABAP Transaction codes

SAP PI is one of the core components of NetWeaver.It stands for Process Integration. Here is a list of important transaction codes used in SAP PI ABAP.

Administration Transaction codes

  • SXMB_IFR: Start Enterprise Service Integration Builder
  • SXMB_ADM: Integration Engine Administration
  • SXI_SUPPORT: Test all Repository and Directory Objects
  • SMQR: qRFC monitoring to display the status of QIN Scheduler and Registration.
  • SMQ1: qRFC monitoring the Outbound Queue.
  • SMQ2: qRFC monitoring the Inbound Queue.
  • SLDAPICUST: Customizing API for System Landscape Directory.
  • AL11: SAP Directories Display to check the profile parameter DIR_TRANS.
  • SU01: User Address Maintenance
  • SICF: HTTP Server Configuration
  • RZ20: CCMS Monitoring
  • AL08: Logged in user list screen.
  • SM21: System Error Logs
  • ST22: ABAP Runtime Errors
  • SLDCHECK:   Check the connection to the System Landscape Directory (SLD).
  • SM58: tRFC error Logs
  • SMICM: ICM Monitor
  • STRUST: Trust Manager
  • RZ70: SLD Administration

Web Services Transaction codes

  • SUDDIREG:    Maintaining UDDI Registry
  • WSADMIN: Administration tasks for Web services
  • WSCONFIG: Configuration of Web Services in the Web Service Framework
  • SOAMANAGER: Start SOA Manager
  • WSPUBLISH: Publish Web Services

IDOC transaction codes in PI

  • IDX1:   Assign Port (RFC destination) in IDOC Adapter
  • IDX2: IDOC Metadata administration
  • IDX5:   IDoc tracking like display IDOC XML Messages
  • WE02, WE05: IDOC Display and IDOC list respectively

Business Process Management (BPM) Tcodes

  • SWF_XI_ADM_BPE: Start and Stop BPE
  • SXMB_MONI_BPE: Monitoring tool for Business Process Engine (BPE)
  • SWF_XI_PBUILDER: Detailed BPM Process Builder
  • SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING: Check Integration Process prerequisite
  • SWF_XI_ADM_BPE_DISP:   Display the status of BPE
  • SWELS: Switch Event Trace On/Off

Monitoring transactions in PI

  • SMGW: Gateway Monitor
  • SXMB_MONI: Monitoring Integration Engine
  • SXI_MONITOR: Monitor for Processed XML Messages
  • SXI_CACHE: PI Runtime Cache

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