multiple receivers

Multiple Receivers
Q:I've a interface RFC - File

I need to leave the file in diferent paths depending a value of field source message. (different receivers)

The file is always the same. Only it change the receiver

How can i do it?
Since different receivers you need to route the message, you need to have multiple receiver services and can use the same receiver interface in all...

The use the condition editor in receiver determination and route the message to particular receiver (based on source field)
Different file paths on different server -> i can't use varible sustitution

II had created,
- a new business service
- a new communication channel
- a new entry in Receiver Determintaion with condition, however below the new business service all is empty..what more need it?
create the necessary communication channels...required for your scenario under it...

if you know already this then please provide more details...
You have to create Interface determination and receiver agreement as well. However as your mapping program is same, you can specify same across all 3 interface determination.
This problem has been solved,

Now, the problem is other, in message mapping,..
I had open other thread for this,

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