SAP XI interview questions, sample sap xi certification papers

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1) What is the SLD ? what is its Role?

2) What is Integration builder ? And what are the componants in it?

3) What are the adapters available in SAP XI ?

4) What are the adapters reside at ABAP stack?

5) What are the adapters reside at JAVA stack?

6) What is the PCK ? what is its advantage?

7) what is communication chanel? why we need it?

8) where do we configure the Adapter?

9) What is adapter frame work ?

10)What kind of communications available in SAP XI?

11)When do we go for Proxy communication?

12)What are the pre-requisite for ABAP Proxy communication?

13)What are the pre-requisite for JAVA Proxy communication?

14)What is X-Path ? what is its use?

15)What kind of Quality of services(QoS) availble in SAP XI?

16)Explain in detail about all available QOS's ?

17)what are all the components in Integraion server ? and Explain them?

18)What is the difference between the EDI and EAI?

19)What is monitoring ? what kind of monitoring availablein SAP XI ?

20)Where do we use HTTP adapter? and Where do we use SOAP? What is the difference between these two? and which is best?

21)Define these things- Data type Enhancement,Context Objects, External Definitions.

22)What are the available processing modes available?

23)Adapter monitoring at Sender side,Reciever side and XI server?

24)What is diference between the Technical system, Business system and Business Service?

25)What is meant by routing rules?

26)How many types of Caches we have? and Explain about them?

27)What kind of Mappings abvailable in SAP XI?

28)SOAP Message Structure?

29)Adapter Engine is based on which technology?

30)What is the name space of an Idoc?

31)Where do you perform Content based Routing?

32)With respect to ABAP Proxies, what r the methods used?

33)For ABAP mappping which class must be implemented?

34)In componant monitoring what are the components monitor?

35)List out the adapters and what type of Quality of Services supported by each adapter?

36)How to refresh the Cache refresh?

37)What is the URL can be used to display the Adapter Status in XI?

38)Why do we will not create communication channel while using HTTP/Idoc Adapter?

39)Why do we go for BPM?

40)What are the steps available in BPM?

41)How to configure the syncronus/Asyncronus process?

42)What is the first step in BPM?

43)In which step we configure the Exceptions or Alerts in BPM?

SAP XI interview questions, sample sap xi certification papers.

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