New administration tool in PI 7.1

his blog applies to SAP PI7.1, SAP MDM7.1 and SAP CE7.1.

With PI 7.1 Visual Administrator(VA) is not available any more. web tool NWA instead.
SDM is not available. Use JSPM to deploy new package or patches.
And there is a Web based Management console, which is very useful for MDM 7.1. You can access it by http://<host>:5<system no.>13/. You can use it to start/stop MDM 7.1 instance on UNIX/Linux system.


For PI7.1, You can start/stop the instance, or server process, and monitor it.

There are lots of functions in NWA, which you did it with VA before.

1, Configuration Management -> Security -> Authentication
change authentication methods( for SSO).


2, Configuration Management  -> Infrastructure -> Application Resources

manage  JDBC drivers, JDBC data sources.


3, Problem Management ->Logs and Traces -> Log Viewer and Log Configuration


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