Performing Automatic Customizing

On AS ABAP, you have to perform automatic customizing to be able to use the Business Process Engine.


Perform the following steps in your AS ABAP system:

  1. Log on as user with SAP_ALL rights (you cannot use DDIC or SAP*).

  2. Call transaction SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING to perform basic customizing. This transaction sets all required technical settings.

    The screen Automatic Workflow Customizing appears.

  3. Make sure that the Maintain Runtime Environmentnode has a green check (not a red cross).

    If there is a red cross, do the following:

    1. Select the Maintain Runtime Environment node.

    2. Choose Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing.

      The system now performs the automatic customizing including all sub nodes.

  4. Choose   Maintain Definition Environment   Maintain Prefix Numbers  .

  5. Choose Execute.

    The Prefix Numbers for Workflow and Organizational Managementscreen appears.

  6. Choose Display <-> Change to activate the edit mode.

  7. In the Available Prefix Numbers for Workflow and Organizational Management box, choose Create.

  8. In the dialog box, enter a Prefix numberequal to or higher than 900 and choose Save.


    You need to enter a transport request according to your Transport Management System (TMS) and choose Save again.

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